Our Mission Statement

Football Staff Mission Statement

Our mission is to help instill valuable life lessons such as Hard Work, Commitment, Integrity, Teamwork, Discipline, Sportsmanship, Respect and Leadership through the game of Football.

The Braves Organization is committed to having well trained coaches and leadership that are sold out to following a well thought out and proven template of developing our players and our teams. Creating a positive encouraging environment while maintaining accountability and discipline is our approach. By stressing perfect fundamentals and bringing our teams together in a systematic way that bonds them with each other and the coaching staff, competitive teams are the end result. Our goals are to play to the teams potential, play everyone, have the best sportsmanship reputation in the League and have fun. We use a Character Development Program to help bring our teams closer together and to develop each player in lessons he can use on and away from the football field.


Cheer Staff Mission Statement

Our Cheer Coordinator and Cheer Coaches will strive to instill tradition, commitment and pride in our teams and in each other. We will work to be organized, consistent and supportive to make this an exemplary cheer program and positive experience for all.